Thursday, September 13, 2012

Family Fun & Fitness Festival

While reading our community website, researching the next swimming lesson schedule, I happened upon an event called the Family Fun & Fitness Festival.  It was happening that weekend at our local rec center, so we decided to stop by and see what it was all about.  

When we first arrived, one of the workers there put a high-tech pedometer (type thing) on Mallory's wrist and told her to run and play and before we leave to give it back and we would see how many steps she took.  She was quite excited about her new "bracelet" and was determined to move, move, move.  The festival was set up with several play stations, refreshments & treats, along with music.  There were inflatable slides, obstacle courses, face painting, games, and even a play yard with smaller toys such as tunnels, balls, slides, etc.  It was really nice....and FREE!  Not sure if they do it every year, but if so - we will go back.  We didn't stay too long, but could have if there weren't errands to be done.  Liam, Jacob, Sam, & Daisy (all friends of Mallory's) were there too and joined in on all the fun.  It was SO nice.  This (among other things) is one of the reasons I love our community.  I just need to be more proactive about events, because I am sure there are a lot I miss!  Nothing wrong with promoting movement and fun instead of sitting in front of the TV.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family Vacation, 2012 - Petosky, MI

 Hello August!  Hello family vacation2012!  This year we packed up the kids and headed to Petoskey, MI with Aunt Lori, Uncle Mike, the boys, Grandma, and Aunt Kelly.  It was incredibly beautiful up North and the kids had a blast.  Wesley was on his first beach and loved it.  Mallory has always been a huge fan of the beach and was so excited to get back there ASAP.  I had trouble keeping the sand out of Wesley's mouth, but other then that the beach was a complete success.  Ivan and Mallory waded in the water, found "tadpoles" and played to their hearts content.  Everett wasn't too sure about the sand, but was a real trooper.  He got very intrigued when he learned there were rocks to be collected in the sand.  Since our return, I often hear Mallory say "I miss the bacation house" or "I miss Ivan."

The two of them shared a room and stayed up late every night talking as we made frequent trips to their room requesting they quiet down and go to sleep.  Occasionally I would stand outside the door listening intently to their conversations.  A lot was said about superheros, princesses, and just fun facts about friends at home.  I didn't mind they stayed up late, after listening to the two of them bond at bed time.

We did A LOT on our trip.  We frequented the town of Petoskey, traveled a short distance to Harbor Springs, took the ferry to Mackinac Island, and even made the drive to Traverse City.  It is always so nice to get away and let the kids have fun and break the "rules."  Adjusting once you are back home can be a relief and a burden, but it is well worth it to see them on cloud 9 while we are there.  Here are some of the fun moments caught on film from our trip.

 Wes' first time at the beach.  He refused to keep the binky in, but LOVED playing in the sand. 

 This was the ride on the ferry to Mackinac Island.  Wes loved the wind even if he couldn't keep his eyes open. 

 Aunt Kelly enjoyed the ferry ride as well :)

 Lunch time in Harbor Springs.  Happy as a clam. 

 Posing for a picture.  This never happens.  Glad I got it!

 Daddy's little girl 

 The cousins in matching hats!

 Aunt Lori and "too cool for school shades" Ev

 Checking out the beach with Grandma and Aunt Kelly

 "WOO HOO!  I love the beach!!"

 Ev in his shades.  He seemed to always have them or his hat on.

 Love this picture.  Not incredibly sure what is going on - I think he was imitating The Hulk. 

 More beach time for this beach bum.

 Just Hanging.

The boys :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back tracking to Family Photos

In all the catching up I have been doing on the blog, I forgot to publish some pictures from our family photo session back in April.  Wes is 6 months, Mallory almost 3.5 - so it was time for some family photos.  We went through Everyday Studios and we were SO PLEASED with the images we got.  Here are a few of our favorites, but there are so many that are amazing.  Enjoy...we definitely did.

Neglect; July 2012

Getting closer to current, let's talk about July.  Oh, July.  SO many pictures from July.  I am not sure why, but the 4th has always been my favorite holiday.  I think it is sitting outside in the hot summer air watching fireworks in the night sky.  I love that feeling.  "Ooohhhing and aweing" over each blast and being surrounded by friends and family.  There is always so much going on during the 4th.  There is fireworks, cookouts, parades, is just always a blast for us and the kids.  However, to add to those festivities, we had Aevan's first birthday on July 13th.  Being that I was "in charge" of taking pictures, I have quite a few images.  So, I suppose I should stop typing and start posting pictures!

So, I don't think I mentioned it, but Wes is crawling.  Talk about milestones, how could I forget to mention this?  He started crawling at 8 months and has been on the move ever since.  Now, he is walking while holding on to things, crawling up the stairs, and just started standing without holding on to anything a couple days ago.  So, with that said, here are just some random shots of Wesley from July.

4th of July BBQ at Great Grandma's is next on the list.  We do this every year, immediately following the parade.  I have not yet taken my kids to the parade.  With Fireworks being that night (and them being up until 11:00) it just hasn't worked out yet.  I am sure as they get a little older, it will happen.  Mallory could now handle it, but not so much Wes.  One day it will all work out.  The most memorable part of the BBQ?  Aevan and Wesley.  They were both chewing on a piece of celery (wonderful teether, thank you Aunt EE for that info!) and Aevan would just crawl up and take Wesley's!  He would just sit there and stare at her and let her have it.  He is just so sweet this one.  Mallory would have screamed and taken it right back.  Hopefully this is an inclination of how wonderful he will treat a lucky girl some day :)

After the BBQ, we headed over to Marc's work to watch the fireworks.  They have a convenient overlook of the fireworks, everyone perched up on a hill.  Not to mention the food, snow cones, music, and face painting.  We had to high tail it out of there shortly after the fireworks as rain was moving in, so my camera was packed up during the show - didn't want to risk it getting wet.  However, I caught a few before the rain clouds settled in.

And now, the 1st Birthday Extravaganza for Little Miss Aevan.  Although hosted by EE & Todd, we helped out by having the party at our house.  Since they live out of town, it was easier for family to celebrate here as opposed to going there, getting hotels, etc.  So, we offered up our house and had a "pool" party theme for Aevan's 1st birthday.  It fit well, considering temperatures were exceeding 100 that day.  I can't believe that Aevan is one.  She is such a fun little girl with a personality all her own.  She is so happy all the time and has the cutest, softest little voice.  I am loving watching her grow and can't wait to see what this next year holds for her.  Like I said, I got a TON of pictures, so here is a few.  It is so hard to choose which ones to post!

And lastly, a few of my oldest from July :)  Pretty girl...